June 8, 2007

Booking Trends for Tourism Products

The times are changing. Can anyone really remember a time when you weren't able to research your next holiday, find customer reviews and then have the ability to make a reservation online?

Once online security issues were addressed and customer confidence increased the wave began, This service started with hotels, vacation packages and flights. Well the next wave of online reservations services are now being introduced. With the proliferation of web 2.0, a new more accessible form of reservation service has allowed small independent accomodation and tour providers an economical solution for getting their products onto the net.

In the past large GDS's such as Amadeus or Soft Voyage have ruled the booking world, these mega companies have an inaccessible starting fee for small companies, as well they charge commissions on all of the sales that are made with their system. There is a need for change.

Customers are becoming web savvy and are demanding more interaction from websites. Sites that can offer a great presentation and sales delivery to the guest are likely to succeed.