September 11, 2007

Latest T-Listing

The T-List stands for Travel-related blogs, and was created back in March 2007 by Matthieu at the Radar Blog. This following was taken off of Jens' Tourism Internet Marketing Blog.

Here is the most recent list from Jens' site:

General Travel Blogs

Travel Industry Blogs

Foreign Language Travel Blogs

French Travel Blogs

Italian Travel Blogs

Dutch Travel Blogs

German Travel Blogs

Spanish Travel Blogs

Here is what you need to do if you are a Travel-related Blogger:

1. Go to Facebook, and sign-up or sign-in.
2. Search for "T-List Community" (note: if that fails, paste this URL in the browser address bar while signed in:
3. Join this Group (top right hand side)
3. If your blog is on the current T-List (please see below), or should be on the T-List, please enter your information on the Facebook WALL below.