October 15, 2007

Environmental Technology - What is an 'Offset'

What is a Carbon Offset?

Carbon offsetting is really the act of mitigating greenhouse gas emissions. This is done by persons, organizations, and companies that take a voluntary action to neutralize their greenhouse footprint.

The idea for Carbon offsetting grew from the concept behind emissions trading. Emissions trading is often the realm of legislation governments, while carbon offsetting is the domain of voluntary action and the individual.

Carbon Offsetting takes many different forms including tree planting, renewable energy offsets, energy conservation, and the purchase of emissions allowances from governments and eliminating them. There is some controversy regarding the merits and value of each type of offset, yet all offsets are a step in the right direction of a carbon neutral society.

How can you use carbon offsets for your company?

Creating awareness for the need for greenhouse gas accountability is the first step in how you can help. Post an article on your blog, have a link on your website, and talk to a friend about what they are doing. The company I work for, Sentias Software Corp., has implemented a sustainability policy into the daily happenings of our company, it was based off of a great local company's policy, The Mountain Equipment Co-Op. I recommend that you consider adapting one at your work place.

As far a implementing new technology, consider joining a society that supports carbon offsets. I have seen carbon calculators, and offset meters. Some DMOs like Tourism Vancouver offset all of their corporate flights, now that is taking responsibility! Sentias is a member of Sustainable Travel International, and we are implementing a carbon offset option into every booking that is made with the Rezgo Online Booking System.

Think of creative ways to adapt and implement change, it will give everyone else a little more breathing room.


Vincent2012 said...

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