July 4, 2007

Lure, Sample, Buy: The New Destination Marketing Mix

Nova Scotia is leading the way in destination advertising. They recently released this article
that covers their new strategy to attract web friendly tourists. The three tenets that they use in their marketing efforts are lure, sample, buy.

They lure guests with traditional media like news paper, and TV spots. These ads direct them to the NovaScotia.com website. The website has Google Earth tags that relay information on some of the major destinations in the province. These tags coordinate with video vignettes on the web site. This allows potential tourists to get a taste of the culture before they arrive.

Guests of the site will then have the option to find flight information and start the process of buying their next vacation.

This process really reminds me of the Prosumer video that was hosted on the Travel and Marketing 2.0 blog. Travel is all about experience, and the more that consumers can taste the experience before they commit, the more likely they are to buy.