July 6, 2007

Unique Travel is the Perfect Online Niche

National Geographic Adventure publisher Francis X. Farrell recently had an interview with the Adventure Travel Trade Association and spoke about the emerging trends with adventure travel. The interview really is beneficial for those that are looking for new ways to market and package their unique and adventurous tours. He really is trying to shift the old marketing focus away from demographics and focus on consumers spirituality. This paradigm shift towards sustainable authentic experience is driving the new wave of the tourism industry.

Sites like gapadventures.com and adventures-abroad.com have realised this and are taking full advantage of this new wave.

So what does this mean for the unique and independent tour provider? Two words, GET ONLINE!! There is a thirst for unique and different tours that are not found through traditional travel channels like travel agents. They shy away from large "corporate" sites and are scouring the new for new ideas.

Your site must have an informative and attractive layout in order to establish trust with the clients, and then it must also have booking capabilities. This will ensure the growth of your business.

We have started amazingtours.rezgo.com to showcase great and unique tours that we have found.


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