August 24, 2007

The Google Universal Search Engine

I recently came across a press release from Google that was talking about the next direction that Google is going with their search engine. Currently Google separates its searches into various verticals like organic search, video search, blog search, and pictures. Well they are planning on mixing it all together.

Google is doing this to give its users (everyone, well maybe not Bill Gates) a richer experience.

What does that mean for your website?

Never before has the need to add a variety of media to your site been so important. Now, you need to tag your photos, add yourself to Google maps, add videos, and you must must must have a company blog.

On top of all of that you need to social bookmark ( your site and submit it to peer review sites to gain additional exposure.


Anonymous said...

Media has never been so important and so do publicity/advertisement, this is being stressed now very often. What Google is going fotward with is this manna for publicity/advertisement. Why would others not to? ... ...

Armand Rousso

Anonymous said...

I agree with Armand Rousso. Multimedia is bringing a lot in bringing ads manna to this particular business sector.