August 9, 2007

Registering your site - The new way to say hello

As we talked about in the last blog entry, the more link connections you make with other sites, the more search engines will prioritize your site.

A great way to get more links to your travel site is to have it up for review. Submit or tag your site with companies like:

This will give you an opportunity to get feedback on your site and increase the links directing people to your webpage.

I also found this great travel resource at

These guys allow you to help other travelers, post information and gain more exposure for your travel company. They have a thriving community full of veteran travelers, I recommend signing up and seeing if you can help some of the community, and as everyone knows, as you do, karma will do likewise.


Stuart in Fiji said...

Agree fully with this simple advice. The other way I encourage my clients is through the two web tools sections of Google and Yahoo!

Google Webmaster Tools

Yahoo Site Explorer

These let you see if the SE's have actually seen your site at all, and how often. Also lets you see any problems SE 's are having with the site.

Like the blog btw. (I'll be at the ATWS in Whistler, are you?)


Philip Caines said...

Hi Stuart,

Thanks for the added content.

ATWS is right in my backyard, I hope to make an appearance. Maybe I will see you there!

I like
Thanks again.